Overview of the Slot Machine Aztec Gold Extra Gold Megaways

iSoftBet’s Aztec Gold Extra Gold Megaways, a high-stakes variant of their popular South American-themed slot Aztec Gold Megaways, will be available in October 2019. Those who want to jump ahead to the exciting moments can do so with the new betting alternatives. When such things are not generally accessible, having Extra Gold doesn’t really signify anything. But the extras, if they exist, will work perfectly for certain people, so let’s check them out.

Aztec Gold Megaways’s unique look was a major selling point. There are many of Aztec-themed slot machines, but iSoftBet’s offering is unique. Excellent visual appeal is provided by Aztec Gold Extra Gold Megaways’ glimmering pinks, purples, and yellows, strong metallic gold trim, and prominent insignia. Players responded positively to the original, and the Extra Gold edition improves upon that success. A soundtrack of jungle beats with an Asian mystic twist adds to the ethereal atmosphere.

Slots may be played on any device with a basic wager range of 20 percent up to twenty dollars or euros each spin. The Extra Gold function, when used, raises the value of the wager over the “base bet,” for reasons that will become clear. The reels are arranged in a typical 6-reel Megaways grid, with 2-7 symbols per reel. With a possible 117,649 possibilities to win when all reel positions are filled, each spin is completely unique. The RTP is typically over 96%, and the volatility is considerable. While the core gameplay remains the same, there have been a number of tweaks made to the game’s peripherals.

The payout structure is much the same as before. The bottom end of the range is occupied by hefty 9-A royals, whose big jewels make them appear much more expensive than they actually are. Following the eagle and snake and jaguar and Aztec guy are four more bonuses. Except for the maximum premium, which pays out on just two matching symbols, every other payout tier requires at least three. Lines containing six high-paying symbols pay anything from three times to fifty times the wager. The wild symbol will be discussed in the last section. It can appear on reels 2-5 and replace all icons except than the Sun Disc scatter.

Extra Gold Megaways in Aztec Gold Slot Machines

All the fan favorites from the first installment return, and some new ones are included as well. In addition to the usual Megaways features like cascades, players will now be able to take advantage of Mystery Symbols, Max Megaways, Sun Disc Boost, Aztec Gold Cash Respins, Extra Gold, and the Aztec Bet.

Cascade, a staple of practically every Megaways game, serves as the game’s central mechanic. This mechanism removes winning symbols from the grid, making room for fresh symbols to fall into the empty cells and increase the player’s odds of winning again. When there are no more wins, the cascade stops.

Any spin in the standard game has the potential to trigger Max Megaways, which will cause the grid to expand to all 117,649 win ways, greatly improving the player’s chances of winning large. The Sun Disc Boost can also increase the chances of triggering the bonus game on any base game spin by adding a random number of scatter symbols to the reels before the spin begins.

The Mystery Symbols feature is one of the latest additions. When triggered, every time one or more Step Pyramid symbols appear on any reel, they will all change into the same symbol, with the exception of the Scatter and the Wild.

The Aztec Gold Cash Respins feature is the major attraction, just as it was in the first game. In the default setting, this occurs when a cascade ends with at least five Sun Disc scatter symbols visible. The triggering scatters remain in place as the other icons disappear to reveal separate reels spinning independently.

Every time a new scatter appears, the feature’s first three re-spins are re-awarded. The value of the symbols on a reel is multiplied by the displayed bet multiplier if that reel is completely covered. The multiplier’s size is proportional to the number of active symbols. Furthermore, players have a chance to get jackpot symbols throughout the respin rounds. The Mini may pay out as much as 30 times your wager, the Major 100 times, and the Mega 1,000 times.

The Aztec Gold Extra Gold Megaways version also has a brand-new Extra Gold button. If you hit this, you’ll boost your wager by 25%, but the Cash Respins will now activate with just four scatter symbols instead of five.

The Aztec Bet, available in two variations, is the last bonus and, perhaps, the most eye-catching addition. The first option costs 100 times the wager and activates the regular Cash Respins, while the second option, which costs 150 times the wager, activates the Max Megaways Cash Respins and guarantees play on a completely extended 117,649 win ways grid.

The Final Say on Aztec Gold Extra Gold Megaways Slots

iSoftBet expands on the model established by Blueprint Gaming’s Extra Gold slots, which were released in response to the UK restriction on bonus purchase slots. Perhaps “Extra Gold” is a little of hyperbole. The potential is essentially the same despite the many new details. How competitors try to win the pot is what’s evolved.

Players may choose to forego the main game in favor of the Cash Respins bonus because of the updated features and gambling choices, perhaps elevating Aztec Gold Extra Gold Megaways higher on the highlight reel list than its predecessor. However, the game’s bonus round isn’t all it has to offer; the rest of the experience is just as engaging and well-balanced.

Since some players won’t be able to use the updated features, the Extra Gold edition will quickly surpass them. If they want to play, they’ll have to settle for the mystery symbols, which are nice to have but otherwise standard fare. Even in its most basic setting, the Extra Gold variant is just as entertaining to spin as the original.

If you enjoy increasing your wagers for more rewards, Aztec Gold Extra Gold Megaways is the perfect game for you. Although certain players may benefit more from the Extra Gold add-ons than others, nobody is losing out if they choose this edition over the prior one.






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